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Q: How do issuer parents work?

A: The Issuer Form has a field, Parents, where the user can enter one or more parents (issuer_id's) and an associated percent value, for example, an Issuer GECAP may have the following value for parents:


There may not be any spaces in this string.

This indicate that when limits are processed for a trade, GEMAIN would be responsible for 100% of the trade and GESUB would be responsible for 50% of the trade.

For example, assume you had a limit that indicated that no more than 5% of a Fund may be from a specific issuer.  Next, you write BOT for GECAP for 3,000.  In this case, when the Limit engine goes to validate the trade, 3,000 will be applied to GEMAIN to see if it goes over a limit and 1,500 will be applied to GESUB to see if it goes over a limit.

Last updated: 04/28/05

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