About AFS

afs:TRADE is a front office trading system for Microsoft Windows that is easy to use and can be customized for your specific business requirements. Distinct versions are available for both sell-side (broker/dealers) and buy-side (portfolio management) firms. All types of instruments -- fixed income and equity -- are supported. Special support for the money market underwriting process is also available. And all AFS customers can communicate with their own back offices and external trade and clearance operations electronically.

Key Benefits

Real-Time Information On-line, real time access to all information (CUSIPs, positions, accounts, customers, etc.) needed by transactors as they make decisions throughout the day. Active screens, showing positions and ticket blotters, automatically update as trades are entered throughout your trading desks.
Wall Street-Savvy User Interface Immediate validation of user input, dramatically reducing data entry errors.
Open Database All data is stored in an open database for easy access. Most SQL databases, such as Sybase and MS-SQL, are supported. The open database lets your own staff use third-party tools, like report writers and spreadsheets, to access, import/export, and report on data you've entered into afs:TRADE.


Being object oriented, the afs:TRADE application may be customized by you or AFS.
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