About AFS

On-line, Real Time Access to Information

All trades, including all trade history, are available at the click of a button.  You can open a ticket finder and filter tickets by date, customer, CUSIP, etc.  For example, you can easily find which customers have purchased a particular security in the past year, or which trades are currently pending your approval.
Filtered Ticket Blotters automatically update to show you trades as they are entered by users throughout your organization.
Filtered Position Scans display all your positions and automatically update as trades are entered by users throughout your organization.
Drill down on a position to see the lots/tickets that make up that position.  Expand this view to see the original quantity, original cost (may be different due to a split), and realized P&L.  Click on a ticket to see the corporate actions that affected that lot. Double-click on one of the lots to view the original ticket.
Compliance/Limit Screen shows which accounts may purchase a security.  This screen is updated in real time as users enter trades.  Click the Buy and Alloc button to automatically create a ticket across all accounts, with maximum quantities, that may purchase the security.
Cash Summary displays all deposits, withdrawals, and cash from trades.  From here you can initiate a cash deposit/withdrawal for and account.

Open Database Architecture

All afs:TRADE data is stored in an open database. Most SQL databases, including Sybase and MS-SQL, are supported.
The open database methodology lets your own staff use third party tools, like report writers and spreadsheets, to access, import/export, and report on data you've entered into afs:TRADE. Your staff can even write applications to read/update information in the database!
AFS provides tools for importing data into the database, aiding in initializing your database with reference information. Once the database is created, afs:TRADE real-time events keep users and external processes up to date.

Wall St. Savvy User Interface

afs:TRADE provides immediate validation of user input, including Product IDs/CUSIPs and accounts, to dramatically reduce data entry errors. Special data entry fields accept abbreviated date and price information. afs:TRADE runs on Windows 95, NT, 2000, or XP, and provides the familiar Windows user interface.

Customizable Application

If one of our off the shelf solutions does not meet your requirements, AFS can use field tested, production quality objects for a custom solution. Your staff will never have to adjust the way they do business to use afs:TRADE. afs:TRADE can be adjusted to fit your existing business model.
Your security administrator can easily configure afs:TRADE to provide different types of access for different types of users; for example, removing the ability for some users to enter tickets or edit account information.
Menus are extensible without AFS assistance. The administrator can easily add local reports to the afs:TRADE Reports menu or local tools to the afs:TRADE Admin menu. This extensibility provides a single interface for your users to all trading applications/utilities.

Administrative Tools

Mandatory and Optional Shutdown procedures for downtime notification.
Utilities for managing reference data like lookup tables and calendars.
Utility for importing reference data for initialization and maintenance of reference data.

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