About AFS

The afs:TRADE client application runs on PCs running Windows 98 or any version of NT above 4.0 (including Windows 2000 and XP).  Minimum hardware configuration for the client machines includes:

  • 300 MHz processor
  • 64MB memory
  • approximately 15MB of free disk space
  • a display that supports a 1024x768 desktop area

As with all client computer purchases, when determining hardware requirements, you should consider not only afs:TRADE, but the entire set of applications the user plans to run.

You choose the database that is used to store all afs:TRADE information. This database must support SQL and run on a server machine. The server configuration, including both hardware and operating system, is determined by the database vendor. For example, you could run Sybase on a Sun using Solaris, or on a PC server running NT. The server should have at least 64MB memory and a 4GB hard drive. The production server or a test server must have dial in access for full AFS support.

Finally, the afs:TRADE suite of applications will need to reside on a file server visible to all users. The file server requires approximately 15MB of free disk space.

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