About AFS

AFS has been designing and developing customized trading solutions since 1982.   Unlike in-house trading solutions, customized versions of afs:TRADE can be built quickly using production-quality, field-tested objects which capture all aspects of the trading flow for numerous kinds of environments.

Requirements Analysis - AFS can help you define a trading system to best suit your needs.
Trading System Development - Using the requirements we develop or that you provide, AFS will create a custom trading system to best suit the way you do business, incorporating those facets that give your business an edge.  This application will be built using production quality objects.
Straight Through Processing - afs:TRADE is one part of your trading environment.  AFS can provide interfaces to various information servcies and back office systems. With afsEvents™, we can create active interfaces that take actions based on changes to the afs:TRADE database; for example, when a new order is written or a position is updated.